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Hay, Haylage and Straw

Our Hay and Straw = Our pride

We pride ourselves on the quality of our hay and straw. Working with so many Equestrian people, we know what they want - Good Hay at a competetive price. We can supply conventional small bales of hay and straw and larger bales of haylage which are roughly 2' by 3' and 4'6 long.
Over the years we have supplied racing stables, alpacas, llamas, goats and even guinea pigs and rabbits. There is a surcharge for delivery depending on location. We also sell Hay off the field and in bulk.


Our Straw Bales are corn stalks which have been thrashed through the combine and is the left over by product after the grain has been harvested. Because of our crop husbandry is to the highest standard, our barley straw is waxy and golden and primarily dust free - perfect for bedding animals and is especially absorbant material compared to wheat and oat straw.

What's the difference between Hay and Haylage?

Hay is dried grass with very little sap still left in it and is stored stacked, unwrapped and in a barn in such a way that when the final product is fed it is still summery and fresh. Whereas Haylage is baled the day before it becomes hay and still has some sap in it, which makes it higher in protein. There is a debate between which is better as some people prefer haylage for its ease of use and energy value. Others find that haylage is too rich for their animals and prefer hay.

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